University of Chicago, Chicago-2010

Divinity School“The Gülen Movement: Paradigms, Projects, and Aspirations” is proposed as a conference designed to encourage scholarly research into the questions articulated above, as well as many more. It is to be interdisciplinary in nature so that the work of the conference can begin to draw important connections between analyses of the movement from the perspectives of disciplines such as: theology, religious studies, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, urban studies, literature, history, philosophy, law, psychology, economics, political science, and international relations, as well as many others.


Gülen’s Perspective on Forgiveness

Building a Culture of Dialogue- A Field Study of the Gülen-Inspired Schools in Abuja, Nigeria

Re-Orienting the Trainer to Navigate – Not Negotiate – Islamic Cultural Values

The Love of the Prophet in Gulen’s Sufism

The Role Of Fethullah Gülen’s Ideas For The Muslim World- The Future Of Globalization And Democratic Reforms

Strategic Defamation of Fethullah Gulen-English vs. Turkish

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