Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.-2008

Georgetown University

Organizers: Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Rumi Forum, The Institute of Turkish Studies

Place: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Date: November 14-15, 2008





Conference entitled “Islam in the Age of Global Challenges: Alternative Perspectives of the Gulen Movement”


Ian G. Williams : The Significance of the Fethullah Gülen Movement as a Global Educational and Inter-Religious Model of Social and Religious Change

Zeynep Sahin : Interfaith Dialogue Organizations as Actors of Peace Building- Case of Rumi Forum Abstract

Erkan Togoslu : Hizmet: From Futuwwa Tradition to the Emergence of Movement in Public Space

Paul WellerReligious Freedom in the Baptist Vision and in Fethullah Gülen: Resources for Muslims and Christians

Mustafa Gurbuz & Bandana PurkayasthaFrom Gandhi to Gülen: The Habitus of Non-Agressive Action

Mustafa AkyolThe Context of the Gülen Movement: The Exceptional Story of Turkish Islam

Jon PahlDying for a Cause: Youth, Violence and the Gülen Movement─Beyond Tolerance and Dialogue

Aaron TylerA Strategy for Peace: Gülen and the Islamic Conceptualization of Tolerance

Loye AshtonA Contextual Analysis of the Supporters and Critics of the Gülen Movement

John HaugheyThe Driver in the Mind of Fethullah Gülen

Nader HashemiReflections on Gülen Movement: How Islam is Promoting Liberal Democracy in Turkey

W. Andrew AchenbaumSerendipitous Consequences of the Turko-Islamic Gülen Movement

Muhammed ÇetinReductionist Approaches to the Rise and Aims of the Gülen Movement

İhsan YilmazBeyond Post-Islamism: A Critical Analysis of the Turkish Islamism’s Transformation toward Fethullah Gülen’s Stateless Cosmopolitan Islam

Philipp BruckmayrFethullah Gülen and Islamic Literary Tradition

Greg BartonIslam, Dialogue and the Gülen Movement in Australia

Mahmud MaşaeliThe Importance of Dialogue in a Rooted Conception of Cosmopolitanism Fethullah Gülen and Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestary

Steve WrightEnding Terror – By Words Alone?

Margaret J RauschProgress Through Piety: Sohbetler (Spiritual Gatherings) of the Women Participants in the Gülen Movement

Karen A. Fontenot, & Michael J. FontenotFethullah Gülen as a Transformational Leader: Exemplar for the “Golden Generation”

Doğan KoçGenerating an Understanding of Financial Resources in the Gülen Movement: Kimse Yok mu Foundation

Mehmet KalyoncuGülen-inspired Schools in the East Africa: Secular Alternative in Kenya and Pragmatist Approach to Development in Uganda

Karina KorostelinaRedefining “Us” and “Them”: Gülen’s Approach to Transformation of Perceptions between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Gülsüm Gürbüz KüçüksariUnresolved Concerns of Women in the Modern Age: How Does the Gülen Movement Contribute to the Women Question?

Heon Choul KimGülen’s Dialogic Sufism: A Constructional and Constructive Factor of Dialogue

Lynn MitchellM. Fethullah Gülen: A Preacher of Piety and Integrity of Action: A Study in Analogy Between the Gülen Movement and the Clapham Circle

Harun AkyolAn Alternative Approach to Preventing Ethnic Conflict: The Role of the Gülen’s Schools in Strengthening the Delicate Relations Between Turkey and the Iraqi Kurds with Particular Reference to the “Kirkuk Crisis”

Martha Ann KirkSeeds of Peace: Solidarity, Aid, and Education Shared by the Gülen Movement in Southeastern Turkey

Özgüç OrhanIslamic Himmah and Christian Charity: An Attempt at Inter-Faith Dialogue

Thomas MichelFighting Poverty with Kimse Yok Mu

Sait YavuzWomen in Islam: Muslim Perspectives and Fethullah Gülen

Patrick HällzonThe Gülen Movement: Gender and Practice

Simon RobinsonFethullah Gülen and the Concept of Responsibility

Phyllis J. RobinsonDefining Ethos in Global Values Education

John BorelliInterreligious Dialogue as a Spiritual Practice





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