Fethullah Gulen

Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Muslim scholar, preacher emeritus and opinion leader. He is regarded as the initiator and inspirer of the worldwide social movement of human values known as the Hizmet (Service) Movement or the Gulen Movement. He is respected by his readers and listeners as a living model of high values such as wisdom, faith, love, piety, and service to humanity. Fethullah Gülen is considered among the most influential global intellectuals. In July 2008, Fethullah Gülen was listed among the top hundred public intellectuals by Foreign Policy magazine. In April 2013, TIME listed Fethullah Gulen as one of the 100 influential people in the world. Despite the high regard millions of people hold for him, Fethullah Gulen considers himself only one of the volunteers of the civil society movement he helped generate and denounces being its leader.