International Conference on Social Sciences

Sociology conferences worldwide 

September 2014
10th Media and Mass Communication 2014, 3rd International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
11th First WINIR Conference 2014 London, United Kingdom
11th V. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences St Petersburg, Russian Federation
11th Gender and Nationalism: An International Conference – Call For Papers London, United Kingdom
11th 8th Global Fear, Horror and Terror Conference Oxford, United Kingdom
11th Identity: Representation & Practices Lisbon, Portugal
18th Spirit of the Times: Society, Science and Everyday Experience – 3rd International Interdisciplinary Student Conference (IISC2014) Ljubljana, Slovenia
18th Ties and Knots. Bridges between Lands and Cultures Ustron, Poland
19th International Conference on Social Sciences Bucharest, Romania
24th 4th Global Conference: Gender and Love Oxford, United Kingdom
24th Rit Conferences: Post-Modernity and Alternate Paradigms New Delhi, India
26th 5th Encuentros: Dialoguing Tourism Portoroz, Slovenia
27th International Conference on Women’s Studies Vienna, Austria
October 2014
7th Second Annual International Symposium on Comparative Sciences Sofia, Bulgaria
10th Free Will Flint, United States of America
10th 2014 2nd International Conference on Psychological, Behavioral and Science – ICPBS2014 Geneva, Switzerland
10th 2014 FALL GLOBAL PSYCHOLOGY SYMPOSIUM Los Angeles, United States of America
16th Landscapes of Aging: Critical Issues, Emerging Possibilities Niagara Falls, Canada
23rd Architectural and Urban Research, Education, and Practice in the Era of ‘Post-Professionalism’ Kyrenia, Cyprus
27th CULTHIST ’14 Cultural History Conference on Symbols, Representation, Expression in the History of Culture Istanbul, Turkey
November 2014
1st 6th Global Conference: Strangers, Aliens and foreigners Prague, Czech Republic
1st 3rd Global Conference: Play Prague, Czech Republic
4th 1st Global Conference: Truth and Truthfulness Prague, Czech Republic
6th A long way to the top: The production and reception of music in a globalized world Rotterdam, Netherlands
7th 1st Global Conference: Empathy Prague, Czech Republic
7th 2nd Global Conference: Fan Communities and Fandom Prague, Czech Republic
13th LOCAD ’14 / LOCAL ADMINISTRATION AND URBAN PLANNING TRACK of CUI ’14 on Sustainable Life of the City and Social Concerns of Urban Development Istanbul, Turkey
13th International Academic Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Prague 2014 Prague, Czech Republic
17th 1st Call for Papers and Panel Proposals – The 5th International Conference on Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies (ICAIOS) Banda Aceh, Indonesia
25th Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines 2014 – Sensual Landscapes of Ethnography Hamilton, New Zealand
December 2014
3rd European Conference for Academic Disciplines (Freiburg 2014) Freiburg, Germany
19th Business and Social Science Research Conference: Paris 2014 Paris, France
April 2015
16th Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Berkeley, United States of America
19th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Vienna) Vienna, Austria
June 2015
11th MARKETHINK ’15 / Marketing Studies Conference Istanbul, Turkey

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